Exothermic is now free for both personal and commercial use. Future development is suspended until further notice.

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Go back in time, make changes and see your artwork update in real-time. Easily experiment with different settings. It’s like changing the ingredients after the cake has been baked.

Sample of Innovative Brushes


Exothermic has an entire framework for creating brushes. Never before have you been given so much flexibility to customize brushes for your unique needs. Brushes can even be edited after a stroke has been painted!


Practically any parameter can be animated. The curve editor lets you tweak the curves of each animated parameter. The dope sheet allows for easy editing of keyframe timing.

Animation Curve Editor

Curve Editor

Animation Dope Sheet Editor

Dope Sheet

Compound Shapes

Lines can be interconnected. They can branch out and rejoin. Compound Shapes allow for new workflows that are more intuitive and more powerful.

Professional Vector Tools

All the tools a professional expects are here. These are just some of the vector modifiers included with Exothermic:

Vector Booleans


Vector Mirroring


Vector Stroke to Fill

Stroke to Fill

Vector Deformers


Vector Styling

Vector graphics can be styled with colors, gradient and patterns, even along strokes!

Vector Styles Left
Vector Styles Right


Easily work with hundreds of duplicates with precise control. Because everything is non destructive editing is easy.

Grid Clone


Clone Along Path

Along Path

Radial Clone


Clone to Points


Raster Tools & Effects

Exothermic also has a large assortment of raster tools.

Bevel Raster Effect


Blur Raster Effect


Noise Raster Effect


Glow Raster Effect


Innovative Node Graph

Node Graph

Yes, it seems like every program has nodes these days, but there’s a good reason; they’re powerful and intuitive.

Nodes are the building blocks that create your artwork. There are 100’s of nodes available with more added all the time.

Exothermic has been designed to handle all the nodes for you. You don’t even have to look at the node graph, but it’s there for when you want more control.

Input & Output

Exothermic supports many different formats for importing and exporting artwork.

  • JPG
  • PNG
  • TIFF
  • PSD
  • GIF
  • ICO
  • SVG
  • PDF
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Follow Your Dreams

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