New Version Posted

Check out the download page for a new version. I’ll admit I’m a little behind. This new version is much closer to version 1.0. There are too many changes to list so I’ll save that for when I launch the … Read More

Release 0.9.6 – Histogram & Bevel

The update this week appears lightweight but there are several things that have been done behind the scenes. I’ve started using the Boost Generic Image Library (GIL) to work with raster data on the back end. The goal is to … Read More

Release 0.9.5 – Gradients & Patterns

The update this week mostly focuses on gradients and patterns Compound shapes Each enclosed path in a compound shape can now have its own gradient, pattern, or color. Each path can also have it’s own material transform. Material transforms are … Read More

Release 0.9.4 – Clone Components

Many more bug fixes in this latest release but there is one cool new feature: Clone Component When a component is selected in the viewport (Point, Span, Segment, Path) you can Alt-Drag on the component to duplicate it and detach … Read More

Release 0.9.3 – Children to Layers

The update this week and next will be on the lighter side due to a vacation. The main features this week are a command to convert child graphics to layers and an improvement to how layer visibility works. Graphic Children … Read More

Release 0.9.2 – Rasters within Graphics and Path Deformer

Several exciting features in this release. The first feature is that rasters can be embedded within graphics. Second, there is a new path deformer which is fun to play with. Third, viewport performance enhancements, especially for the display of Graphics. … Read More

Release 0.9.1 – Freeze & Extract

The exciting new features this release are the ability to freeze vectors and to extract elements from vectors. I’ve also been playing around with how the merge graphics and boolean commands function. Freeze Node graphs are awesome, they’re powerful, but … Read More

Release 0.9.0 – Introduction of Layer Bolts

I thought I’d start making a blog post for each release to highlight some of the updates. It’s been almost a month since the last release because I made a lot of deep changes. Unfortunately that means this version is … Read More