Let me introduce myself

My name is Carter and I’m the guy behind Exothermic. I went to art school, so I don’t have any formal training in computer science but I’ve been picking stuff up as I go along. After college I mostly did 3D modeling and animation which I really enjoyed. After a while I started scripting things, and then moved to making my own plugins. Three years ago I decided to quit my job and try to create something of my own from scratch. I toyed with some game ideas before settling on the idea of creating desktop graphic design software.

I love software, especially 3D design software. I enjoy seeing how different developers come up with solutions to allow users to have the power to create anything they can imagine but also be easy to learn, and hopefully fun to use.

I’ve always had a problem with dreaming too big and this project is no exception but I think I’ve got it under control. It’s a little daunting going up against companies with hundreds if not thousands of employees, but I’ve always been a pretty optimistic guy.

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