Origin of the name Exothermic

Let me just say, it’s pretty hard coming up with a name for a company. I wanted something that didn’t sound small, like a mom and pop shop. I wanted something that had a domain available, obviously pretty much all the .com stuff is taken by squatters now, but the .io have a good reputation so I was willing to take that. I needed something that didn’t conflict with other companies in the industry. I wanted something that wouldn’t be too hard to spell if you had only heard it spoken aloud. And finally, I wanted something with a personal connection to myself.

After months of thinking about it I finally settled on Exothermic. According to wikipedia:

An exothermic reaction is a chemical reaction that releases energy through light or heat.


Fire is a prime example of an exothermic reaction and a fire was one of the things that led me to start the company. In 2015 my house nearly burned to the ground. After fixing it up I sold it and used the profits to fund this company. Now words associated with fire are very popular for software and frameworks so I had to pick something a little more off the beaten path, but I think it sounds cool. I realize that hearing the name Exothermic gives no hint of what the company does, but that’s pretty common these days and you can’t have it all.

So that’s the origin of the name, hopefully it will have a long and storied history.

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