Release 0.9.3 – Children to Layers

The update this week and next will be on the lighter side due to a vacation. The main features this week are a command to convert child graphics to layers and an improvement to how layer visibility works.

Graphic Children to Layers

This is a command that converts each child graphic to an independent graphic assigned to its own layer. Child graphics are often created by nodes that duplicate graphics. Keep in mind that the newly created graphics will lose their connections to the original source graphic.

Layer Visibility Improvements

Layer visibility is now inherited by default from a layer’s parent. That means that if you hide a layer all the children of the layer will also be hidden. Children can override the visibility of the parent if desired. So layer visibility now has 3 settings:

  • Inherit Visibility from Parent
  • Never Visible
  • Always Visible

List of Changes


Added command to convert graphics children to layers


Global material changes to gradient after using the gradient tool
Layers now can inherit visibility


Gradient preview in material editor works again
Gradient tool hides 3rd handle when it’s not needed
Fixed scene update after deleting layer
Deselecting in the viewport now takes into account the precise graphic shape, not just the bounding box
Fixed layer selection after freezing
Gizmo interaction now takes precedence over selection in the viewport
Fix gradient and pattern tool gizmos on transformed layers
Fixed mirror node
Fixed graph diagram 
Raster export of graphic scenes works now

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