Release 0.9.4 – Clone Components

Many more bug fixes in this latest release but there is one cool new feature:

Clone Component

When a component is selected in the viewport (Point, Span, Segment, Path) you can Alt-Drag on the component to duplicate it and detach it from the original object. The new components will still remain attached to the source object so they can easily be reincorporated to the graphic. There’s a separate Detach Component command and node if you want to create a new object on a new layer.

Layer to Graph

I’ve also added a new command to turn a selected layer and it’s children into a new graph in the library and create and instance in the current graph. This can be useful when organizing a scene. Currently the command only creates Graphic Scenes but future versions will also create raster.

List of Changes


Clone component node and tool were added
Added command to turn layers into graphs


Improved viewport layer selection
Switched control modifier to alt for breaking handles and duplicating to match industry standard


Fixed the layout of layer lanes in the graph panel when multiple layers are selected at the same time
Fixed bolt eval one frame behind
Shift selecting in the layer panel now takes into account last selected layer, not just last clicked layer
Fixed crash when inverting the last selected index of a graphic
Fixed mask inversion bug
Fixed disappearing cursor when using drag to edit
Fixed crash when deleting a library item that is in use by an instance
Fixed drawing when zoomed
Fixed drag duplicating of nested layers
Fixed shortcuts being run when typing in the rename layer dialog
Fixed pen tool only inserting points on selected shapes
Fixed loading of nodes with multi-input ports
Fixed active point highlight and active handle are positioned correctly when zoomed
Fixed crash when over over graphic component as it is deleted
Fixed exposing parameter to parent graph
Fixed selection of instanced graphics

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