What is Exothermic?

What is Exothermic? Well right now it’s just me, Carter, but my goal is to turn it into a company producing the best design software in the world. That’s a pretty lofty goal but for now I’m starting with one tool, but more on that later. So, how will Exothermic be different? First of all, I have no outside investors and currently no debt so I don’t have to answer to anyone but my customers. Exothermic will not be about profits for shareholders, I want this company to be about attracting the best talent making awesome software for professional artists.

What’s wrong with what’s currently on the market? There’s hardly any innovation. In the last couple years there have been some new entrants but they’re pretty much just making lower cost clones. Exothermic will be about creating tools that are approachable to users of existing software but that will offer innovations that will allow users to work smarter and allow their creativity to run wild.

Currently it’s just me, but I’m hoping to use initial sales to hire talented programmers that will really take our software to the next level. The goal is to create a tight group of very talented people. I don’t want a large campus full of marketing, sales and HR people. I want well payed programmers working in a low stress environment creating software they love and are proud of.

I know there isn’t anyone reading this blog yet, but as I get closer to launching my first product there might be some people curious to know more about where it all began.

Come visit me at Siggraph 2019 in Los Angelas, I’ll be in the section for startups called The Garage.

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