Winter 2020 Roadmap

In this post I’m going to highlight my plans for the next couple months.

Raster Improvements

So far I’ve mostly been focusing on vector tools, I’m going to address some of the raster features that have been lacking. The first step in this process is implementing the Boost Generic Image Library (GIL). Currently Exothermic only handles 8 bit colors though there is already a lot of behind the scenes code that can handle 16/32 bit and floating point colors. Using GIL will make it easier to allow the user to work with these other bit depths in the future.

The raster features I’m looking to focus on are pixel selections, raster masks, and color adjustment. I’ll try to add some more general nodes such as emboss and distortions.

Another raster feature that needs a lot of attention is the Brush engine. I’ve got several powerful features I’d like to implement but at the very least the core brush rendering framework should be solid.

UI/UX Polishing

The interface needs some beautification. All the icons need to be replaced. Additionally there are many drop downs that will be replaced with icons that can be toggled. This cuts down on the number of clicks as well as making it easier to use for non-native English speaking users.

I’ve been working to improve the user experience when drawing and editing but this still has room for improvement. I want exothermic to have the most enjoyable drawing experience though I know this will be an ongoing battle.

Expect to see a fancy context sensitive spacebar/right-click menu as well as dynamic toolbars that have commands that change based on your selection.


This isn’t very glamorous but it’s important. Expect to see documentation for every node and tool as well as what every parameter in each node does. The documentation will be available in an html format as well as integrated into the app itself for in-context help.

I’ll also try to increase the quality of the youtube tutorial videos.


Lastly the website is lacking. My goal is to add a lot more artistic imagery that was created with the tool as well as better highlighting of the unique features that Exothermic brings to the table.

Launch of Version 1.0

There are many other issues not mentioned in this post to address before launching version 1.0 and I will try to take care of those along the way. My intent is to launch Version 1.0 in the early spring of 2020. It won’t be perfect but it will be solid without any major feature gaps. At that point I’ll start really pushing the app through advertising, trade shows and any other way to get the word out.

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