The User Interface

Logo Screenshot

The user interface in Exothermic is made up of numerous panels and toolbars. Panels can be opened from the Window menu in the title bar


The viewport is where most of the action takes place. It’s the canvas upon which you are creating.


Zoom Controls

The plus and minus buttons zoom into the center of the viewport. The dropdown lets you go to presets. You can also type in your own zoom value.

Center Scene

Move the viewport to the center of the canvas without changing the zoom level.

Reset Scene

Center the viewport and zoom to 100%.

Frame Selected

If an object is selected this button will zoom and pan so that the object fills the viewport.

Ruler Toggle

Turns the viewport rulers on and off.

Snap Toggle

Turns snapping on or off in the viewport. Use the overlay editor to control snapping tolerance.

Snap to Pixel

Actions in the viewport will be constrained to whole pixel values. This is useful when working with rasters to create clean lines.

Grid Toggle

Turns the viewport grid on and off. Edit the grid with the overlay editor.

Guides Toggle

Turns the guides on and off in the viewport. Guides are edited with the overlay editor.

Overlay Menu

Overlays provide additional information in the viewport. The overlay menu lets you turn these on and off.

Options Menu

The options menu contains settings for units as well as how layer isolation is handled.