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Please read before downloading:

Exothermic is currently Beta software. It may crash and there may be missing features. Each month a new version will be posted with bug fixes and many new features so check back often and follow us on social media to stay up to date.
Currently Exothermic is a small one man operation. We need your support. If you have any interest at all in seeing us succeed please consider purchasing a license. All revenue goes directly into making a better app. We don’t have large sales teams or marketing budgets. There are no shareholders. You would not be paying for fancy offices. The only people we answer to are our customers. Our goal is to create quality software that makes your job easier and hopefully more fun.
If you like what we’re doing consider becoming a member. Members can communicate directly with the developers and can help shape the direction of the tool, request features and help influence the design and workflows of future versions.
Version 1.0 will be coming out late Summer 2020. We recommend waiting until then because it will be a much better experience, but if you want to play around with it feel free to download at the links below.

Check out our YouTube channel for videos on getting started:

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Last Update: July 1, 2020