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Exothermic is a desktop 2D design application for creative professionals. It has been designed with innovative features to make your life easier and inspire creativity.


Sometimes you change your mind, it's okay, with Exothermic changing your mind doesn't have to slow you down. Go back to any point in time, make a change, and your scene is magically updated. Experiment with different ideas, it's fun.

Permanent License

When you buy Exothermic you own it forever. You get updates for a year from date of purchase but you can use the program until the end of time.‚Äč


Practically everything in Exothermic can be animated, and because everything is non destructive you can create some very powerful effects that would otherwise take hours, if not be impossible with other tools.


Complex Shapes

Who says a point can't be connected to more than two lines? We threw that rule out the window. Draw shapes in Exothermic that would have required multiple disconnected shapes in other tools. And because it's a single shape, editing is faster.

Node Graph

The node graph lets you easily go back to any point in the design history of your scene to make changes.

Custom Instances

Expose various parameters in your instances to allow for infinite customization. A single object in your library could be used in unlimited ways.

Exothermic is a small company, currently only one guy, we need your help. Buying the basic version of the tool allows us to keep keep developing. With enough support we can hire more developers and create ever better tools for you. Become an honorary developer and get access to forums where you can communicate directly with developers and help shape the program to meet your needs.

  • Save Disabled
  • Watermarked Viewport
  • Completely free while in Beta
Full Version
App + 1 year of updates
  • Full Application
  • Updates for a year
  • You own it forever
  • Access to Developer Forum