Thoughts on Pricing

I’ve debated a lot over the last couple years what the best way to make money with EXO would be. My goal is not to get rich, though I’m certainly not opposed to the idea. The goal is to create a company that can create unique and innovative tools for artists.

I’ve decided to make EXO free for personal use to get as many people using it as possible. But because I need to have money coming in to keep working on it and hopefully hire some more developers I ask that if you are making money with EXO to please buy a commercial license. Will I send an army of lawyers after you if I somehow discover you’re using it without buy the license? The answer is no. But you will know and I will trust Karma to punish you accordingly.

Currently there is no subscription pricing. When you buy something from us you own it forever. That’s not to say you’ll get free updates until the end of time. When a new major version comes out (no more than once a year), you will need to upgrade your license to continue using the latest version. There will be a grace period where new purchases are automatically upgraded. In the future if subscriptions are offered we will still offer permanent licenses because I think it’s the right thing to do.

Maybe one day down the road I will have to charge for personal use but hopefully that won’t be the case. In any event, any changes in pricing won’t affect the version you’ve already downloaded.

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