Version 1.0.3 Released

This is primarily a maintenance version but I did add one new feature: brushes can now make use of patterns.

New Features
Added Brush Pattern Fill Node
Bug Fixes
Added scale, translation and rotation to patterns
Arc tool properly constrains now
Fixed extract component command crash
Removed gizmo and reset from the draw tool
Ellipse tool works better with the alt key now
Fill tool works more reliably
Starting gradient and pattern tool with nothing selected no longer shows gizmos in the corner of the viewport
Simplified gradient and pattern tools by having just one mode parameter
Spiral modifier subdivisions can no longer be negative
Spiral node subdivisions can no longer be negative
Added icons to alignment in text node
Fixed alignment tool tips on the text tool
Torus tool no longer allows subdivisions less than 4
Fixed stroke color bug
Fixed raster glow color bug
Fixed the transform points command from being always enabled despite selection
Fixed loading of images into a closed application
Added parameters to Raster to Pattern node to support all of a pattern’s options
Added Raster to Pattern to the main menu bar
Move point gizmos above line gizmos on the line node overlay
Download Links

Windows Download 1.0.3

OSX Download 1.0.3

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