Version 1.1.3 Released – PDF Export

First I need to apologize, this version is incompatible with files saved with older versions. I thought I had put in code to prevent this from happening but I found a couple places I missed. Hopefully I made all the changes needed to prevent this in the future.

Now on to more positive things. Basic PDF export capability has been added. It is not finished. Currently text is output as vector paths and not selectable text but this will be fixed in an upcoming release when text is reworked in Exothermic Designer.

I also made some improvements to the graph interface to improve usability such as adding a menu button to each node and the ability to connect wires to nested nodes.


Added PDF export
Added menu to block interface
Added ability to connect wires to nested blocks
Added menu when dropping wire on empty part of the graph
Added pivot scale to point transform to fix bug
Print Dialog has been improved to allow printer selection and all paper sizes supported by the printer.

Bug Fixes

Crash after making an interactive mask selection and pressing the enter key
Crash caused by loading files that used the renamed Point Constant node
Alt-drag to clone path
Gizmo artifact when changing component selection
Using grayscale raster as a clipping layer
Row heights in the layer panel are now limited
Select All mode of vector masks in Graphic Mode
Painting of vector shapes when child graphics are transformed
Removed empty layers from SVG import
Bug with Trim Segment node involving incorrect end percentage
Incorrect placement of nodes in the diagram editor when loading from disk
Point Unit now takes dpi into account
Path variables not being assigned for high indices
Bug when loading a scene that uses compound vectors.
Bug when loading a scene that uses static vector nodes.
Saving of compound vectors to svg no longer includes an additional stroke
Scenes correctly load units now.
Text node vertical spacing


Windows Download

Mac OSX Download

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