Version 1.1.4 Released – Selection Shapes

Today’s release is pretty minor but it does have some nice features. The main feature is that in addition to drawing a selection rectangle around components you can also draw an ellipse a freehand path. This will make it easier to select groups of components.

I also updated the Create Variable node with an interpolation parameter so that when using a curve the values will take into account the length of a segment rather than using the entire shape as a whole. I think this will make the node much more useful as demonstrated below:

Segment Length Interpolation


Added: Separator between spans to make selection easier
Added: Ellipse and Path marquee viewport selection modes.
Added: Create variable node now has a interpolation parameter
Added: Setting for saving GUI layout on quit


Fixed: Toggle and remove component selection.
Fixed: Component Selection gizmo respects tool visibility setting.
Fixed: Fixed wires getting out of alignment in graph when layer is deleted.
Fixed: Default gui layout gets recreated if the original file is deleted.
Changed: Rectangle component selection is now black and white hashed.
Changed: Time controls and Status bar now have fixed heights


Windows Download (Installer was broken)

Mac OSX Download

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