Version 1.2.13 – Vector Extrude & Paint Selection

There are two major new features in this version. The first new feature is the Vector Extrude Node. This node helps you create a 3D effect. It achieves this by duplicating the path, moving it, and then connecting the points on the new path with the old path. The current version requires you to then select and delete the segments needed to complete the effect. Hopefully this can be done automatically in a future version.

Selection Painting

The other big new feature is you can now paint your component selection with the cursor. This is in addition to the existing selection modes of Rectangle, Ellipse, and Path. You change the selection mode using the menu at the bottom right of the viewport. The radius of the selection brush can be adjusted by holding the B key and dragging the cursor.

Another minor feature that was added was the ability to toggle whether or not the selection modes are tolerant or not. A tolerant selection means that only part of a component needs to be included in the selection area for the component to become selected. A non-tolerant selection requires the entire component to be withing the selection area. Tolerant selection does not apply to the Paint selection mode as that mode is always tolerant.


Added: Double click in library to import
Added: Paint Selection mode
Added: Extrude Node
Added: Tolerant Selection mode


Fixed: Offset bug when two curved spans intersected
Fixed: Some other stuff I can’t remember

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