Version 1.2.14 – Cut & Select Menu

This update mostly focuses on bug fixes but I did add a couple minor things. The first is the cut command. I don’t know why I didn’t add it earlier but you can now cut, copy and paste. Not super exciting but people expect it to be there and now it is.

The second new feature is really just a UX improvement. I added the viewport selection settings and options to a menu item. This is in addition to the toolbar at the bottom of the viewport. Everyone’s mind works a little bit differently so it’s important to give people options and they can use whichever they prefer.


Added: Select menu to viewport
Added: Cut nodes command


Fixed: Right clicking in viewport no longer clears the selection
Fixed: Duplicating layers now puts the new layer directly above the old one
Fixed: Adding raster perspective deformer to text node no longer crashes.
Fixed: Layer selection is now more accurate
Fixed: Interactive brush editing in brush editor when using tablet
Fixed: Tablet bug when selecting layers no longer drags the layer
Fixed: Detach path bug
Fixed: Offset component now clears the active point
Fixed: Extrude node now works with nested graphics
Fixed: Middle mouse dragging no longer clears the selection

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