Version 1.2.16 – Improved Vector Pen Tool

Mostly bug fixes in this update though I did make the Vector Pen tool work a little better. Previously you could only draw an attached line by drawing off of an existing point. Now you can draw off of any span and a point will be inserted for you.

I have decided to turn off channels for Vector scenes. I realized I never got around to properly handling 16 bit and monochome rendering. I need to rethink the rendering pipeline to address this so for now I thought it best to just turn that off. Drawing vector shapes in 16 bit or monochrome raster scenes is still supported.


Added: Vector Pen will now insert points if needed to join an existing shape
Added: Icon to palette title


Improved: Vector Blend node now auto converts lines to curves when necessary
Improved: Mask Parameter gui
Fixed: Material popover no longer disappears when it shouldn’t
Fixed: Using the scroll wheel in the parameter editor now scrolls when over numeric fields
Fixed: Parameter spacing after point parameter in the Parameter Editor on macOS
Fixed: Moving components on unselected layers.
Fixed: Moving multiple paths at the same time
Fixed: Spacing on layer and node dropdowns in the parameter editor
Fixed: Leading now works for Raster Text node
Fixed: Random Vector Mask now has the probability parameter as a percent
Fixed: Mask Contains node now evalutes even when the secondary input is not connected
Fixed: Noise nodes now have scale as a percent
Fixed: Deleting multiple child graphics now works properly
Fixed: Turned of channels for vector scenes
Fixed: Pressing delete when there is no raster selection
Fixed: Palette menu now appears above the material popover on macOS

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