Version 1.2.17 – Graph Zooming & Pinch to Zoom

I’ve added two frequently requested features this week. Node graphs now have a zoom slider to increase or decrease the size of the nodes.

Exothermic now has better Mac touchpad support which includes the ability to pinch to zoom in graphs, the viewport, the curve editor and the dopesheet.

As for fixes, I improved the rendering of gradients and patterns along strokes. You’ll get fewer artifacts on sharp corners and the square end caps are now properly drawn. I’m still working on round end caps.


Added: Pinch and zoom support
Added: Zooming of graphs


Improved: Changed name of Gamma to Antialiasing gamma to be more clear
Improved: Moved layer export parameter to the main layer parameter group
Fixed: Cut Nodes icon was missing from the graph toolbar
Fixed: Mask parameters now work when linked
Fixed: Layer Tool when dragging a layer parented to a transformed layer
Fixed: Artifacts on corners when using gradient along stroke
Fixed: Square end caps when using gradient along stroke
Fixed: Using the component transform gizmo when viewport is not zoomed to 100%
Fixed: Touchpad context menu delete point

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