Version 1.2.18 – SVG Import & Fill Open Paths

Importing of SVG files has been improved in the latest version. There are still some features that need to be added but it’s still progress. One feature that I had to add in order to improve SVG import is the option to automatically close the fill path of open paths.

Filling open paths is how most other vector drawing programs handle path filling. In order to properly interface with these other programs it just made sense to add the functionality to Exothermic. It should be noted that the filling of open paths will not work with compound shapes. You can turn on the feature in the material editor:

This UI will probably change at some point because I’m not very happy with it, but it works for now.

Lastly, I’m still tweaking the UX of working in the viewport. I’ve made some changes to make it easier to work within crowded scenes. It’s now possible to make marquee component selections without accidentally deselecting the shape you were working on. To change the object selected click and release without moving the cursor.


Added: Filling open paths


Improved: Viewport selection prioritizes the selected shape
Improved: Made it harder to accidentally move nodes, require movement of 5 pixels to break from default layout
Fixed: crash after deleting point in the middle of drawing
Fixed: mask invert when all, or none are selected
Fixed: mask edit viewport selection sometimes wouldn’t show the selected vector shape
Fixed: SVG import of nested and transformed graphics
Fixed: control + shift will now remove from layer selection
Fixed: working with curves that have a null control point
Fixed: Tolerant selection is now remembered
Fixed: When creating a new scene the background color swatch is no longer shown if transparent is enabled

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