Version 1.2.19 – SVG Importer Rewrite, Mirror Node Improvements

After doing more work on importing SVG files it became apparent that the whole importer would have to be rewritten to better adhere to the SVG spec. This new version now handles all forms of geometry including arcs and quadratic bezier curves, in addition to <use> elements and gradients and clipping paths. It is also better at handling css. It’s still a work in progress but it is certainly an improvement over the original version.

The Mirror Node has also been improved. There are now multiple join modes which are as follows:

Do not joinDo nothing
Join With CurveJoin the ends of the mirrored paths together with a curved span
Join With LineJoin the ends of the mirrored paths together with a straight span
WeldWeld the end points of the mirrored paths together if they are within the weld tolerance
Weld & JoinIf the end points are within the weld tolerance the points will be welded, otherwise they will be joined by a span. The span type will be the same as the last span being joined to.

A new command has been added to the Layer menu, Explode Layer. Exploding a layer Deletes a layer, but keeps all the children of the layer.


Added: Setting for viewport selection margin
Added: Explode layer command
Added: Empty Vector to Vector > Create menu
Added: Mirror node has new join modes


Improved: Rewriting the SVG importer
Fixed: Bend deformer, rotation gizmo
Fixed: Tolerant marquee selection 
Fixed: Vector selection when zoomed in
Fixed: graphic selection was buggy

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