Version 1.2.3 – Snapping Improvements & Code Signing

This update is mostly a maintenance update with bug fixes, no flashy new features.

Snapping has been greatly improved and is actually pretty usable now. Of course there is still room for improvement and expansion, but it’s a start.

Related to snapping, I added a new viewport overlay type: Rows and Columns. This overlay is useful for organizing your scene.

Windows users will be excited to know that the installer and main executable are now code signed so that windows will know that the application can be trusted.


Added: Frame parameter to the Export raster frame dialog
Added: Rows and Columns Viewport Overlay


Fixed: Bend node zero length crash
Fixed: Animation panel crash on quit
Fixed: Animation panel keys remain after track removal
Fixed: Animation panel duplicate keys appear when track is added
Fixed: Nesting opacity in raster scenes
Fixed: Embedded masks now show up in the mask parameter menu
Fixed: Linear clone correctly align to the start and end position
Fixed: Stroke to fill material no longer affects the global material
Fixed: Holding modifier key will no longer clear the selection when making a layer marquee selection
Fixed: Raster layers highlight when hovering
Fixed: Scaling via the layer gizmo is improved
Fixed: Layer Scale Strokes parameter now works for vector scenes
Fixed: Save Project As will now prefill the name field if possible
Fixed: Nested scene delete bug
Fixed: Increased spacing of menu items on Mac
Improved: Snapping works more reliably now
Improved: Update widget shows the version number now

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