Version 1.2.7 – MacOS improvements

Today’s update mostly focuses on MacOS though there are some bug fixes and visual improvements that affect the Windows version as well.

The biggest change on MacOS is that the installer is gone. Now we’re using the simple drag and drop Dmg archive that is familiar to users of MacOS. Updating is now handled by the Sparkle framework which provides a much smoother experience for the user. You can now stay updated without the need for user interaction. Everything happens in the background.

Another change on MacOS is that the main menubar in Exothermic now behaves like a traditional MacOS application. That means it’s integrated into the operating system menubar instead of the application window.

Dialog windows have been restyled on both MacOS and Windows.


Improved: New MacOS update system
Improved: Removed MacOS installer
Improved: Certain menus are now sorted alphabetically
Improved: Component selection is now represented by a change in thickness
Added: Layers colors control the outline color in the viewport
Added: Custom styling to dialog windows
Added: Blackout other windows when dialog windows are awaiting input
Added: Blackout other windows when requesting a selection from the user


Fixed: Resize scene when origin is not top left
Fixed: Vector to Raster crashing bug
Fixed: MacOS getting started
Fixed: Brush preview resize canvas
Fixed: Distribute Layers with grouped layers
Fixed: MacOS menu bar
Fixed: MacOS fullscreen mode issues
Fixed: MacOS screen eyedropper is no longer offset
Fixed: Port hovering not going away

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