Version 1.2.10 – Offset

The highlight of today’s update is a feature I’ve wanted to have for a long time: path offsetting.

Path offsetting works by moving a path along the normals of each point along the curve. This sounds simpler than it is in practice due to how bezier curves work. In addition to the new Offset Component node, there is also a new Vector tool that allows for the interactive offset of curves.

Another cool feature that has been added is the ability to grow and shrink selection masks. This exists as commands in the Edit menu as well as a node in Vector > Mask


Added: Offset Component Node
Added: Offset Tool
Added: Grow and Shrink Mask Node
Added: Grow and Shrink Selection commands
Improved: Clicking on an unselected vector in a component selection mode


Fixed: Crash when using the draw tool to draw off of a point on an unselected object
Fixed: Some dialogs resized to fit text better
Fixed: Mask bug when selecting components one at a time
Fixed: Update command on windows now works when there is no project open
Fixed: Viewport selection of raster item crash

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