Version 1.2 – Web Installer & Growth Variable

The biggest part of this update is that change to an installer that downloads the installation files. The advantage to this is that updating is much easier. When future updates come out an Update button will appear on the start screen that will initiate the update process which will handle downloading the updated files and performing the installation.

Growth Variable in Action

Now for the fun stuff. First is the Growth Variable node. This node creates a variable that grows out from selected points. This variable can then be used by other nodes to create cool effects. The Trim Segment node can use a growth variable to create complex growing animations. You can also use the node to grow the thickness of a line across compound shapes.

On the raster side of things there is a new Voronoi node that creates a popular voronoi pattern.

Raster Voronoi

The Blend Color node allows for the easy blending between two color parameter values.


Added: Blend Color node
Added: Color on Canvas mode now has a mode parameter
Added: Viewport layer selection modes
Added: Growth Variable
Added: Raster Voronoi node
Added: Weld Mask parameter to mirror node
Added: Scale and Rotation variables to Clone Along Path node
Added: Scale Spacing parameter to the Clone Along Path node
Added: Rename brush command for brush presets
Added: Double clicking on a brush preset in the brush editor will load thr brush.


Fixed: Color on Canvas wasn’t previewing
Fixed: Deleting instanced item from library won’t clear the viewport
Fixed: Group clone crash
Fixed: Transformed nested layers now only transforms the top most layers
Fixed: Removed duplicate points when converting text to vector lines
Fixed: Bug when brush reads from vector variable
Fixed: Cloning along path now works with multiple segments
Fixed: Creation of variable from variable parameter menu
Fixed: Undo inserting a node switched render node when it should not have
Fixed: Undo deleting of a node in the middle of the stack now Redos properly
Fixed: Library thumbnail for scenes with alignments other than top left will now render properly


Visit the download page to download the installer for your operating system.

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